Cornerstone has three ways we personalize items.  Each way uses different equipment based on what is being done.

EMBOSSING or IMPRINTING  This is usually used on Bibles...often seen as a gold foil name in the lower right corner of the cover.  Newer imitation leather Bibles usually are just an impression, or embossing.  This subtle name fits the new covers' styles very well.  We have also embossed scrapbook covers, leather portfolios and Hymnals for churches.  If you purchase a Bible at Cornerstone, we will imprint a name on it for free, if the Bible is made of the right material.  This free service can cost as much as $12 elsewhere.  If you bring a product in purchased elsewhere, we will be happy to do it.  Current price is $8 per line.   It usually takes ten to 15 minutes.

DIAMOND DRAG ENGRAVING  This specialized machine scratches the letters with a diamond point.  This is done on unplated metal like silver or pewter.  Usually it is done on the back of a medal.  We do not do the inside of rings.  We charge $5 per line.  Lines are usually very short!

LASER ENGRAVING  In 2015 we added a laser engraver.  This is an expensive piece of equipment but possibiities are proportionate.  We can engrave with your custom text and pictures on acrylic, wood, and many anodized items.  Photos are even possible.  One example is the dog ornament above on our banner.  We engrave cake pans.  We make custom verse, magnets and plaques.  One church orders great quantities of wooden crosses cut from birch plywood for their members to pass out.  Key chains, dog tags, mugs, bible covers have all been done.  Lately we have been making rustic keychains from deer antler slices.  We also make rubber stamps.  If you have a blank, we can make a stamp to attach or use one of our self inking stamps.  We even can make notary stamps.